Learners First

Current issues and projects


The School Association regularly undertakes projects and provides input on issues of relevance to the school community.   Some current items are listed below. If you have a specific issue you would like the School Association to consider please contact us on lenahvalleyschoolassociation@gmail.com


Walking School Bus

The School Association has been successful in establishing a Walking School Bus, supported by the Hobart City Council through a Dr Edward Hall Environment Grant. This is a great way to reduce the traffic congestion around our school in the mornings as well as getting kids (and parents!) moving.  For further information please contact our Walking School Bus Coordinator Naomi Petrie on lenahvalleyschoolassociation@gmail.com


Traffic Issues

The School Association keep in regular contact with the Hobart City Council about traffic issues around the school.  It is hard to get things changed if we do not have any evidence of what is occurring as we may only hear about incidents third hand.  The School Association developed this form as a way to fix this communication problem and be able to send through incidents to the council easily and efficiently.  The form is available at the school office, on this website and also on the School Association Facebook page.  Any serious incidents must also be reported to the police.  It is also a great way to see if themes are appearing that we can ask the council to review.


Fundraising Sub-Committee

Our Fundraising Sub-Committee has been established in order to develop fundraising activities and events for the school.  Further information on current activities is available on our Fundraising and Events page or by contacting the Chair of the Fundraising Sub-Committee Geni Francis on lenahvalleyschoolassociation@gmail.com