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Canteen, Lunches and Food Items


Lenah Valley Primary School operates a school canteen on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. Students may purchase their lunch on these days and may purchase healthy food items at recess on these days. Our canteen is an accredited healthy eating alternative as found under the Move Well Eat Well initiative.


Whether students purchase from the canteen or not, we ask that students bring healthy items for recess and lunch from home. Water in drink bottles is the preferred drink for students as these may be readily refilled during the day. Where possible, we ask parents and students to bring rubbish free lunch boxes.


Please also be conscious we are a nut awareness school and request that nuts and nut food items be saved for home.


All classes have fruit and water break at approximately 10am where it is requested that all children have a piece of fruit that they can eat with classmates at this time.


From time to time there may also be a canteen operating at recess if a class chooses to use this as a fund-raising opportunity. You will be notified if this is the case and of the cost of items available on these occasions.


Canteen List