Learners First

Our Values


The core values of the school are Achievement, Resilience, Respect and Positive Relationships. These values reflect all stakeholders of the school (students, staff and parents) and are actively ‘lived’ by all. They form the basis of our social skills teaching and learning program and enable us to develop well-rounded individuals who have the skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever changing world. Co-operative learning strategies and the explicit teaching of social skills enable us to have a calm playground and classrooms full of purposeful and thoughtful learning.


  • School values are developed and lived by all. They underpin the culture at Lenah Valley and are used as the springboard for explicit and proactive teaching of behavioural expectations that support social and emotional development.
  • A consistent whole school framework to student management, engagement, attendance and wellbeing is applied.
  • There is a consistent school wide system for collecting behavioural data to inform ongoing improvement strategies.
  • There is a consistent school wide system for positive behaviour supports.
  • School system strategies, policies and plans that prioritise inclusion of the National Safe Schools Framework are developed and implemented.
  • Educational adjustments are implemented to support student need with quality teaching and learning experiences for all within a supportive and accepting environment.
Lenah Valley Values
values positive
values resilience
values achievement
values respect