Learners First

Our Grounds and Facilities


Lenah Valley Primary School has excellent facilities that are well kept, purposeful and provide for quality learning experiences. We have well-kept grounds that are picturesque but provide outstanding learning and play opportunities for all students. Our classrooms are designed for group and individual learning with a focus in inquiry and higher order learning and thinking.


Our school is situated on the outskirts of Hobart’s CBD, underneath the majestic Mt Wellington with the Derwent Rivulet trickling by, our picturesque surroundings provide making the perfect back-drop for quality teaching and learning.


Teaching and Learning Facilities

We boast some of the best educational facilities that are available with building design and internal room structures that enhance learning across all grades. Our classrooms have the ability to operate as either individual rooms with some being opened up into large inter-classrooms to better differentiate learning across like classes.


Our Early Childhood classrooms have been purposefully designed to support play based learning whilst still providing for explicit and targeted teaching based on need. Our early years play area which boasts its own shed filled with play based learning equipment, our play area also incorporates a sandpit, landscaped grounds and age appropriate play equipment.


A wonderful place for children to both play and learn! Come and take a look.


School Garden

At Lenah Valley Primary School we enjoy teaching and learning in beautiful landscaped grounds. We also have a fantastic school garden that we run with generous support from our local community. Our classes have full use of the garden from seed to plate utilising our purpose built kitchen which is state of the art. We also have two dedicated staff members who run our kitchen/garden program who teach sustainable living with our various groups.



Technology is used to support learning programs and assist students with developing their skills using digital pedagogies. Our students and staff have the support of one of our senior staff members, Kirsty Sing, who works alongside teachers and students in their classrooms to provide guidance, support and capacity building. We are also supported by two ICT support officers in Rob and Brody who maintain and manage our large fleet of devices.


All learning spaces have interactive whiteboards and these are also supported with fleets of both laptops, surface tablets and iPad devices within all areas of the school. Digital pedagogies are used to support learning programs with a focus on creative and purposeful use of technology. The school uses a number of programs including Reading Doctor, Reading Eggs, Class Dojo, Mathletics, and Fronter with students to support their literacy and numeracy learning. All of our school facilities also utilise the latest NBN broadband connections.


Sport Facilities

Physical Education forms an integral part of the learning program through weekly PE classes and student led daily fitness activities.  Our school participates in the Southern Primary Schools Sports Association (SPSSA) carnival in Athletics, Cross Country & Swimming. Our school also fields team in Hockey, Football and Netball in the annual regional inter-school representative rosters. We also have Year 3- Year 6 basketball teams operating at different points of the year. We have a large well equipped sports hall and resource room to support the student’s daily skill and fitness development.


We also have a fantastic school oval which we have just recently upgraded in conjunction with the School Association and Lenah Valley Soccer Club to ensure it is laser leveled, has high quality drainage and resewn with hardy grass seed. This oval is used both by us and community organisations.


We also make the most of our location and use community sports facilities such as Creek Road Netball Centre, John Turnbull Oval, Friends Fitness Centre and various other facilities within and outside of our CBD.


Further Facilities

Included in our grounds is a high performing, well-resourced and multi-purpose arts precinct focusing on visual arts and music. We have a library that is large, contemporary and well equipped along with an administrative area that has been custom built, high functioning and most importantly visitor friendly and welcoming.