Learners First

Specialist Programs


As mentioned on the Curriculum page students are either involved in a number of specialist programs or provided with the opportunity to be involved. To summarise these include:

  • Physical Education
  • LOTE
  • Visual Arts
  • Eco Team


  • Music
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Musical
  • Bush Band
  • Rock Band
  • Marimba Band
  • Guitar
  • Recorder


Further specialist programs include:


Code Club

Students from Grades 2-6 are able to participate in Code Club sessions which are run three times a week as a lunchtime activity. Students utilise Code Club Australia resources and use programs like Scratch to design games and animations as well as using Trinket and Python as an introduction into programming langauge. Older students participate as Code Club mentors and support the younger students in the group.


Tech Team

Students selected as Tech Team members provide IT assistance to staff and students within the school. These students troubleshoot minor IT problems and teach other students new programs and apps.


Chess Club

Students in Grades 3-6 can participate in Chess as a lunchtime activity. The school regularly competes in local Chess tournaments.


Student Leadership

Students can develop and demonstrate leadership within the school in a number of ways. Students in Years 3-6 can be elected to the School Representative Council. All Grade 6 students are Daily Physical Education Leaders and lead our Daily PE program throughout the school. Students in Grade 6 can also be elected as house captains.


Literacy Support 

The school has two Literacy Leaders who plan and teach with all class teachers from Prep to Year 6. They work with teachers to ensure that each student is catered for in the literacy program.


Extending our Students’ Learning

Students from Prep to Year 6 access extension programs designed by their class teacher within the classroom, at lunch time through chess coaching, debating and PE programs and through the Tasmanian e-School. Programs accessed through the e-School include Socrates Cafe, Ad Astra, Smartbots (Robotics) and Artyfacts, CodeXX (Coding) and Python4whipsnakes (Coding).



The school has a fully qualified librarian technician and each class from Kindergarten to Year 6 has a library lesson each week which is supported by the student’s class teacher. This looks slightly different from class to class but students borrow and swap books and develop skills to actively find required information. The library is used as an important research base for all students and accessed multiple times across the week.


Specialist School Programs


Growing Up Program

Our Growing Up Program is delivered by Family Planning and is of the highest standard. This program is currently run annually and is delivered from Prep to Year 6. Information shared and taught is age specific and sensitive to need and development. Parent sessions are also offered as to develop understanding of content covered. We value this program highly as we develop respectful, considerate, empathetic and knowledgeable students.


Supporting the Growing Up Program is our involvement with the Ditto program. This program which runs once a year is used to educate and teach students about safety and particularly about their own personal safety with regards to their body.


Fire Education

Delivered bi-annually this program is delivered from Prep to Year 6 by the Fire Department as part of their fire safety program. Students are involved in explicit learning opportunities that looks at preventative, reactive and safety measures regarding structural and vegetation fires.


Swimming & Water Safety Program

As part of the Departments commitment to developing students who are water safe, water wise and have the necessary survival skills we run a Year 3 – Year 5 swimming and water safety program that runs over two weeks and provides targeted and needs based learning daily for those two weeks. The program is highly valued and provides students and families with the necessary confidence to enjoy the many recreational pursuits that are available in and on the water within Tasmania.


Electrical Safety

Run biannually this specialised program for Prep to Year 6 students looks at all things electrical and specifically how to remain safe at home with electricity.


First Aid

In partnership with St Johns we are now running basic first training for all students Prep to Year 6. This training is focussed again both on preventive and reactive responses to medical situations and provides students with the tools and equipment to administer basic first aid to themselves or family members now and into the future.