Learners First

Health and Physical Education


We have a strong Health and Physical Education program at Lenah Valley Primary School, which supports our students and school community members to live happy and healthy lives. Skills for personal and social development are actively taught in classrooms and within the PE program and other activities. The school values are also an integral part of the program and good sportsmanship underpins the whole program.


The PE program has a number of important facets. All classes from Kindergarten to Grade 6 have a weekly PE lesson. All these children are also involved in a Daily Physical Education program. The school also runs an athletics carnival, a cross country carnival and a swimming carnival. Children who perform well at these carnivals are selected as part of a school team at representative carnivals. There are also sports teams that children may opt to be involved in.

We are a Move Well, Eat Well School, and participation in this program strengthens our focus on healthy eating and daily physical activity.