Learners First

Humanities and Social Sciences


Through HASS students learn about their personal connections with their family, their local and global communities.  Students develop the high-level skills needed to enable them to actively problem solve, make ethical decisions and become active and informed citizens, with the capacity to shape their future.We endeavor to strengthen students’ sense of belonging and curiosity in the world around them. At Lenah Valley Primary School we aim to enrich students’ learning journey through their primary years. We use an integrated, inquiry based approach that fosters the development of critical and creative thinking and deep understandings of history, geography, civics and citizenship and business and economics.


The four key ideas which shape the HASS curriculum:

  • Who are we, who came before us, and traditions and values that have shaped societies
  • How societies and economies operate and how they are changing over time
  • The ways people, places, ideas and events are perceived and connected
  • How people exercise their responsibilities, participate in society and make informed decisions