Learners First



The English program at Lenah Valley Primary School provides students with rich opportunities to explore how to effectively use language for many varied purposes. Students read and create texts in the conventional written form, orally and using multimedia tools. They create texts to explain their ideas to other people, to give directions or to entertain others. The explicit teaching of vital literacy skills takes place in a dedicated literacy time in each class. Students then transfer their literacy learning into the many other learning situations they encounter through the school day.


Students are taught the importance of critical thinking when accessing information from a variety of sources. At Lenah Valley we have a literacy program which provides support to all students with reading, writing and spelling. Our targeted program, based on a coaching and co-teaching model, provides support for students to develop and refine their literacy skills and for all teachers to continually develop their literacy teaching skills. All specialist literacy teachers plan and teach with classroom teachers to ensure seamless delivery of literacy programs.