Learners First



At Lenah Valley Primary School our guaranteed curriculum is derived from the Australian Curriculum which can be found at the following web address: http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/Home

Lenah Valley Primary School is all about helping young people to learn to use their minds well. Teachers at Lenah Valley Primary employ strategies to develop strong and deep inquiry skills.  This ultimately assists students to identify and clarify issues, gather, organise, interpret and present information, and above all, to think creatively, imaginatively and inquisitively about possibilities and solutions. Concentrating on the variety of ways to think about and present an issue ensures that the needs of all students are met. Programs at Lenah Valley Primary School aim to shape the intellectual and imaginative powers and competencies that the students need to manage their learning throughout life.

The Lenah Valley Primary School community acts as a powerful agent in providing students with the opportunity to interact with each other and with their natural and social environment. Students contribute in genuine activities like Buddy Classes, Class Meetings and SRC to enhance the social health of this community, developing a sense of belonging and responsibility through participation. They are encouraged to appreciate diversity in the world and to develop their knowledge of other societies and their local and global environments. Lenah Valley, a school that sits prominently, both socially and geographically, in the valley, has a rich history and sense of community that is highly valued. Students are, therefore, able to get a strong sense of history and use it to aid their decision-making for the present and the future life, to ensure personal success and effective communities.


Students at Lenah Valley Primary School are currently involved in the following curriculum areas and extra-curricular areas: