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School Priorities

The school priorities are Literacy, Numeracy, Sustainability (including Australian Curriculum), Respectful Schools and the Early Years with key drivers of Digital Normalisation and Teaching and Excellence flowing through these priority areas.


These priority areas have been developed in collaboration with staff, community and are aligned with the Department of Education’s own updated strategic plan and 2016 School Supports & Expectations documentation. See link below for further details.


Below you will find a brief summary of each area but please refer to the Lenah Valley Primary School Strategic Plan for full details.



At Lenah Valley Primary we consider literacy to be the key driver of all learning.  Teachers use formative assessment data to inform their teaching practice and aim to differentiate and personalise learning for all students. We provide a data driven literacy support program that incorporates the use of whole school practices such as the explicit teaching of spelling and reading strategies. Teachers are supported to continually reflect upon and develop their literacy teaching practice through whole school collaborative structures.  All teachers are members of high functioning literacy professional learning communities (PLCs). This provides the opportunity for ongoing teacher learning and development, the analysis of student learning, reflection upon effective teaching practices, design of quality tasks and the assessment of student performance and understanding. Parent and carer support of student learning is always appreciated and encouraged in this area.  Home Reading Programs run across the school and the Premier’s Reading Challenge and Book Week celebrations are regular events on the school calendar.



At Lenah Valley Primary School, teachers work together to make decisions about how best to help our students learn the maths needed to become confident and successfully numerate individuals. Whole school practices enable students to build on and deepen their understanding of critical mathematical skills and concepts and to use this understanding to solve the types of problems they will experience in their every-day lives.


Early Years:

The Early Years priority area strives to ensure that families in the Lenah Valley community have every opportunity to access quality educational programs for children from birth to Kindergarten.

We are a central agency in leading inter-agency support for families, connecting and integrating services and improving connections with our local community in terms of environment, people, resources and their use.

We offer quality early learning programs across several days of the week and evening sessions throughout the year to maximise opportunities for families to engage in learning activities and the wonderful social connections that our programs facilitate. Our digital presence also ensures that families can access information and ideas to continue their child’s learning outside of the classroom.

All of our Early Years staff are highly skilled in planning and delivering programs that acknowledge and build on the social, emotional and academic needs of Lenah Valley’s youngest learners.

Respectful Schools (PBS and Student Support)

PBS: The early learning settings and our primary school provide learning environments that support the active participation of learners and teachers.  All environments are inclusive, feel and are safe, respectful and supportive of behaviour that is positive and free from discrimination, harassment, face to face and online bullying. 

At Lenah Valley Primary School we facilitate positive behaviours, preventing problem behaviour and responding to unacceptable behaviours. 

We create an environment of positive and respectful relationships where everyone feels connected to the school and is encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our school community has identified the following school values that promote our beliefs and expectations of high standards of responsible behaviour and enhanced wellbeing:

·       Positive Relationships

·       Respect

·       Achievement

·       Resilience

Student Support: Lenah Valley builds capacity for maximising the educational opportunities, engagement and learning outcomes for students with the highest educational needs. We work with multi-disciplinary teams providing quality programs for students with special needs, enabling access to relevant curricula and effective instruction within a positive inclusive learning environment.

Sustainability (Australian Curriculum):

We have a strong tradition of using sustainable practices and educating our students about sustainable living, from Kindergarten to Year 6.  A committed school Eco-Team of Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students develop leadership skills through their participation and promotion of sustainability values. We have an established garden, greenhouse and purpose built kitchen where students can experience the benefits of the ‘seed to plate’ concept and enjoy eating what they have grown.


Digital Normalisation: 

Lenah Valley is committed to preparing students for the 21st century. We use digital technologies to enable personalised and differentiated learning that students can access anywhere, anytime. Our aim is for students to use digital technologies as naturally as using pen and paper whereby digital use is normalised. Staff and students are able to access and contribute to digital learning communities across the globe opening up networks for learning both within and outside the school walls.


Teaching Excellence

Lenah Valley is a professional learning community (PLC) where there is a collective focus on learning with educators and working collaboratively to achieve ongoing improvement for all. Teaching excellence is further developed through high expectations for all, whole school practices, collaborative planning teams, explicitness of evidence based pedagogy and structured professional learning based on our core priorities.