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Principal's Welcome

Lenah Valley Primary School's motto is "We Care & Give Our Best". The core values of the school are Learning, Excellence, Equity, Respect and Relationships. These values reflect all stakeholders of the school (students, staff and parents) and are actively 'lived' by all. They form the basis of our social skills teaching and learning program and enable us to develop well rounded individuals who have the skills and knowledge to thrive in an ever changing world. Co-operative learning strategies and the explicit teaching of social skills enable us to have a calm playground and classrooms full of purposeful and thoughtful learning.
Our school is respected and loved by past and present students because of its atmosphere of warmth, acceptance and support and also for its highly engaging and challenging individual learning pathways provided to all students. We want every child who leaves our school to be curious and interested in their learning, sensitive and open to the points of view of others and interested in global issues. Our school believes in supporting a community of lifelong learners and striving for learning excellence.

We place a strong emphasis on explicit instruction and inquiry based learning to develop higher order thinking skills.  Student learning data is used to tailor programs to meet the needs of individual students. Our whole school literacy and numeracy programs are of the highest standard with explicit teaching of English and maths skills the priority. Each class is provided with 3 hours of uninterrupted literacy support teaching time every week. All classes have two teachers in the class during this explicit teaching and learning time. The quality of these programs is reflected in the results that our students have achieved.
In depth inquiry and integrated learning occurs in the areas of humanities and social sciences (HASS) health and wellbeing, science/sustainability and the arts. ICT is incorporated into all learning areas where appropriate but importantly each class has access to an “expert” ICT teacher who works in the classroom to develop capacity of all and provide support to the classroom teacher. We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities as well as specialist music, visual art, physical education, library, Indonesian language, band, choir, chess, eco Team, seed to plate program and student leadership development and opportunities.
We are proud of our educational excellence and learning culture and we continuously work to improve what we do. Our teachers are dedicated, professional and deeply committed to supporting each child in achieving the highest possible educational and social outcomes.
Teachers are continuously engaged in high quality, ongoing professional learning and development. We work in grade group teams (professional learning communities) to refine, inquire and analyse our own and others' teaching practice with a focus on student data and capacity building for all.  Staff recognise the importance of their own ongoing learning and are continually updating their knowledge and skills. Our teaching practices are informed by the latest educational research and we attempt to make all learning challenging and engaging for children. We have whole school teaching focuses on formative assessment and differentiated teaching and learning to ensure personalised learning and development for all. 
The school plays an important role in the community by offering an extensive Birth to age 5 social and learning program that is open to all families. It is here we focus on developing positive relationships, support networks, life skills, caring communities and engagement with school. This is a highly valued area of our school. We value parent involvement in all learning programs. Our partnership with parents is of upmost importance to us. We seek their views about their child and also about broader school issues. We actively keep parents informed about our educational programs and their child’s achievements.
We place an unwavering focus and relentless implementation on equity and inclusive practices. Our student support area of our school is of the highest standard with a wraparound approach provided to students and families from a variety of skilled practitioners including support teachers, school psychologist, social worker and speech therapist. 
We have an active School Association that has achieved significant goals, including the redevelopment of the school oval, refurbishment of all school furniture, the redevelopment of the Kindergarten playground, the purchase of technologies for classrooms, the development of the early childhood playground and the introduction of the walking school bus. The School Association also provides a channel for parent input, provides parental perspectives in relation to school decision making and oversees the fundraising of the school.
Lenah Valley Primary School has average class sizes, modern facilities and large well equipped classrooms and grounds. We pride ourselves on being a key component of the local community and the source of quality teaching and learning programs. Lenah Valley Primary is a school where students feel safe, happy and above all valued.
Situated on the outskirts of Hobart's CBD, underneath the majestic Mt Wellington with the Derwent Rivulet trickling by, our picturesque surroundings provide the perfect back-drop for quality teaching and learning.
If you would like to visit our school and see classes in operation please feel free to contact me by e-mailing the school at, or phone 62280311.
Jarrod Williams